Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is TeachersAroundMe?

TeachersAroundMe is an online digital edtech platform that connects professional Teachers, Linguists, Counselors and Skill Trainers with clients around them in need of their services. We help you source, screen and pair you with your desired professional to take you on the learning trip.

With TeachersAroundMe, you can hire a professional Teacher, Linguist, Counselor and Skill Trainer within a minute.

With TeachersAroundMe, you can just register and sit on your bed and watch the alert of a new job offer land on your phone.

How much do I need to pay to be part of as a professional?

Nothing! Yes, it’s absolutely FREE to join the TeachersAroundMe’s family.

How much do I need to pay to hire a professional on the platform?

The price varies. In as much as we have all of these professionals under the TeachersAroundMe’s umbrella, we do not interfere with pricing. We only come in when we see there is an over or under pricing action taking place. But, be rest assured we have someone that will always fit in your budget, giving in his/her all to your best satisfaction.

Do I need to interview the professional?

Not really, it’s a matter of choice. We’ve done all of the necessary hard work for you, leaving you to little to nothing to do. But we recommend you have a brief chat with whoever we pair you with, just to get to know each other better.

Do I need to pay upfront before hiring the professional of my choice?


What will happen to my money if I don’t like the person I am paired with after having a brief chat with him/her?

Your money is in safe hands, nothing, absolutely nothing will happen to your money (that’s why we asked you to pay into the TeachersAroundMe Company’s account). If you don’t like the person you requested for, we will link you up with another professional within that same qualification and price range with the previous professional you requested for.

If after making payment, I suddenly decide a change in professional, how can you be of help?

As we do not offer refunds, If you paid to hire a teacher, and suddenly, you thought about acquiring a skill from a professional skill trainer on the TeachersAroundMe’s platform, we can help you switch the professionals, provided, the first professional haven’t started working for you. And if he or she has, we may have to either have him complete his job for the fully booked duration, or pay him or her off, for the time committed, and remit the remainder to the new professional you opt in for (if they are in the same range, or have you balance up, or remit you your balance).

Can I give someone else access to the professional working with me?

No, you are not entitled to transfer or rent out access to any professional or client giving to you by TeachersAroundMe.

What if I don’t see the professional I like on the platform?

If you do not see your preferred professional on,, kindly shoot us a mail, give us a call or text, stating your requirement (s). We should have someone we can pair you with in our database, who fits in your request. Majority of those we’ve paired so far, were not listed on the platform before matching them.

How can I pay?

Once you’ve registered on TeachersAroundMe as a client, and you’ve found your preferred professional, all you need to do is to add to cart. Fill in delivery details (where you want the interview or service to be rendered, and checkout. You will be redirected to a well reliable and trusted payment gateway where you can make payment online or via bank deposit or transfer into the TeachersAroundMe’s bank account.

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