TeachersAroundMe.com is an online digital solution and distribution company that supports the growth of education (teaching – learning) through the efficient and effective distribution of professionals (Teachers, Linguists, Counselors and Skill Trainers) and services (Teaching, Guiding and Counseling) utilizing its extensive distribution network across Lagos, Nigeria.

TeachersAroundMe Ltd. (TAM) focuses on professionals that can be distributed via a digital format and work with client’s to create the most efficient and effective quality in education and good life enhancement.

We also provide Language specialists (Linguists) to clients through our digital platform. Also, we do provide Counselors. We do not only simplify the hiring experience for our clients but also create powerful screened products (Teachers, Linguists, Counselors and Skill Trainers) for our clientele.



Our mission is to bring a wide bouquet of professionals digitally to grass root and mass market consumers through innovation, technology and a world class education distribution network that is driven primarily by the Company TeachersAroundMe Ltd.



Our Vision is to have a digital presence in households in Nigeria, and across the globe.



OUR focus is the digitization and distribution of professionals (Teachers, Linguists, Counselors and Skill Trainers) through our platform. As a business, we are dedicated to consistently delivering value for our clients through the use of our technology platform that can improve our client’s happiness. We aim to simplify the hiring experience and improve the good quality of education for end consumers, providing speed, convenience and ease of use.

An important part of our value proposition is our technology platform, which is able to aggregate and integrate to a wide range of digital professionals (Teachers, Linguists, Counselors and Skill Trainers). Leveraging its core technology platform, we are able to provide bespokesimple integration services for our clients, convenient and easy to use by all, and that best suits the distribution requirements.

Our core values are “STILDAT

S – Sourcing

T – The Quality 

I –Intelligent

L – Liable

D – Dedication to Excellence

– Accepting

T – Total Evolvement for Success.



As a company we excel by continuously exploring and expanding our imaginative horizon, leveraging on the creative minds of our team to meet the needs of our clients.

The Quality

TeachersAroundMe.com.ng (TAM) strives for recognizable quality in all its actions, products and business practices. We set challenging goals and are dedicated to meeting our commitments to and achieving our objectives through creative approaches.


We continually set our minds and brains open to think, innovate, learn and implement new things.


At TeachersAroundMe, we are committed to satisfying our products and clients through high quality service ensuring customer retention and increase in market share.

Dedication to Excellence

At TAM, we all work together towards the achievement of the organization’s objectives and also harmonize the disparate attributes of everyone to create one uniquely identified member.


We only accept and produce the best in terms of quality in products.

Total Evolvement for Success

Every member of TeachersAroundMe.com join hands in the contribution of the company, its products and clients success.


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